Lawson Steel Erection - Kansas City

Safety Information & Director of Safety

Continental Steel has a current EMR of .93.

The best way to ensure safety and compliance of employees in a factory or a plant to OSHA standards is to provide proper training as needed, in the factory or in the field.  We have on board an OSHA Certified Safety Director whose only responsibility is the safety of our men in the plant and in the field. Continental Steel has a EMR of .93, a truly excellent score for its safety record.

Our training programs are backed by our team of regulatory experts. Using the latest training techniques and technology, we provide the training as needed to help keep our drivers, workmen, machine operators, manufacturing employees and iron workers in compliance with OSHA standards.



 If you need further information please contact our Director of Safety, Rob Treas.

Robert Treas, BS
Director of Safety and Quality Control


Mr. Treas is the OSHA Certified Safety Director at Continental Steel